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The Mundford Messenger is a new magazine, which will be distributed free to every household in Mundford, Ickburgh and Cranwich. An online copy will also be published on this page. The first issue will be February 2019 and the deadline for contributions is the 15th January.

Click/tap to view our advertising guide as a PDF or in Word. To advertise, contact Serena on 07395 263626 or use the contact form below.

Your Village Needs You!
The magazine will be run by a team of volunteers – but many hands make light work… Can you spare some time once a month to help with production or distribution? Maybe you have volunteered before and would like to do so again?

To help with distribution, call Patsie or David on 879184. For everything else, contact Rosemary on 07395 264449. Or you can use the contact form below to get in touch.

All those who submit material to our magazine are deemed to have agreed to our terms and conditions.