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Litter Pick Volunteer Thanks

The Parish Council and residents of Mundford would like to say THANK YOU to our volunteers who joined our litter pick on the 13th December, it was another cold wet day but our team still showed up for duty and around 12 bags of rubbish along with the usual bits of cars that fall off by the road side were collected.

We are always looking for more volunteers and we meet around every 6 weeks, so if you have 1 – 2 hours to spare and would like to join us please contact the parish clerk, all equipment is supplied.

New Letterbox

I am pleased to announce that the Post Office have confirmed that our Post Box will be returned to Mundford. The location will be on the corner junction of St Leonard’s Street and Church Lane, by the bench.

Update 12th February 2018

It was intended to install the new post box by 6th February 2018. We are sorry to announce that there has been a delay regarding the installation of the new Post Box. We will keep you informed as and when we have received any further news regarding the new installation date.


The letterbox outside the old post office opposite the playground in St Leonard’s Street has been removed. The Parish Clerk has put in an application to the Royal Mail for a new one to be installed and are currently awaiting their response.  

Fish Bar Planning Permission

Mundford Fish Bar recently put in two planning applications for: external lights; and extended opening hours. Both have been granted permission.

The planning decision report for the later includes the following comments:

“Objections raised mainly referred to smell, noise, traffic congestion and the granting of the original permission in the first place.

“We can’t re-visit the scheme as part of a variation condition and Environmental Health will be taking the smell and noise issues up separately with the applicant, via their legislation.”

“Environmental Health have picked up on the various complaints and concerns raised by the local residents in respect of noise and odour and these will be dealt outside of the application process. It should be noted that the Environmental Health Legislation covers these issues and should further noise and smell issues arise, complaint should be made to the Environmental Protection Team who will investigate.”

“It is noted that the noise attenuation scheme condition has not been complied with and our enforcement team will be notified as a result.”

Click to read the full report.


Youth Club Volunteers Wanted

Would anyone be interested to help run a Youth Club for the children of Mundford Village? So they would have a somewhere to meet up with friends in a safe place. There is a fund with the Parish Council waiting to be used for this reason, Please call Debbie on 01842 879985 if you are interested. Many Thanks.

Christmas 2017 Donations and Messages

Mundford Parish Council and residents thank all of the following for their generous donations for our Christmas Tree and to all local businesses and organizations who participated in the Tree Lighting Ceremony.


  • Andrea Sinclair
  • Mummy, Daddy and Bliss in loving memory of Iona Erin Starostenko
  • Grandma and Granddad in loving memory of Iona Erin
  • Pat and Jane in loving memory of Tony Loi
  • Pat in loving memory of Pat Dawkins
  • Beryl and family in loving memory of Michael Uwins
  • Jenny Borsberry in loving memory of Ray
  • Her friends in the Crown in loving memory of Cindy
  • Vic, June and Family in loving memory of Nellie May

The full messages of remembrance are on baubles attached to the tree and here.

HUGE THANKS go to the following local businesses for their involvement and donated goodies to eat and drink:

  • Village Voices Choir
  • Crown Hotel
  • Crown Hairdressing
  • Yallops
  • St Leonards Home
  • Browns
  • Lynford Hall
  • Mundford Chip Shop

A selection of photos from the day lighting up event follow.

Reflections from Mundford Rectory Dec’17

Where love is there God is

Dear friends,

My reflection this month is very much a focus on who we are as your parish church in the communities to which we live and serve, at a time of year when many people will visit parish churches and cathedrals in the coming weeks for Advent, Carol and Christmas services, along with attending Baptism’s, Weddings and sadly Funerals.

When a Church of England Priest is installed into their new post and parishes, they are given a pastoral charge known as Cure of Souls. This put simply means that I have through my work in the parishes to which I care for, a duty of spiritual care and responsibility for every person of each parish, whether they have an active faith in God or not. Which also means that anyone who lives, as an example, in the parish of Mundford, has the right to be baptized, married or buried in the local church in the parish in which they live, and to receive spiritual care. Which means I look after, along with the people I journey in faith with, around 5000 people across the villages I serve.

Much of my ministry is in general oversight of care in each parish, which includes visiting, Sunday worship, working with our 2 schools in Mundford and Gooderstone, our pre-school, conducting services, including weddings, baptisms and funerals, burials and blessings, caring for those who are near to death, the bereaved and administration. I also attend and chair lots of meetings along with working within local Trusts and Charity’s supporting local people, and visit people in hospital and wherever I am needed. I am a Padre and Chaplain to the Desert Rats Memorial Association and Stanta MOD base, with also a duty of care to my family, doing the normal things that mums have to do with 2 teenage children. I work 6 days out of 7, and sometimes beyond that, with an average working day of 12-13 hours, pretty non-stop, that is why days off are so important, to rest and be with my family and friends.

Along with all of the pastoral ministry offered, we also manage 12 church buildings, and churchyards, community spaces, that belong to their local community. But these are very costly. For instance, to run just the parish church of Mundford alone costs £511 a week, and that is without the cost of repairs and ministry, and our small and dedicated team of fundraisers work really hard to help meet this cost. So it’s tough on small worshipping communities.

This year St Leonard’s Parish Church are holding an Annual Gift Day on Saturday 2nd December, asking our local community to support us as we seek to support the local community. I know it’s a tough time of year with Christmas just around the corner, but in order to keep these historic community buildings in current use, and open for the needs of each local community, we need the help and support of the local community to do this. We thank you wholeheartedly in advance for your love and financial support as we seek to care for each community to the best of our ability. Donations can be brought to the church on 2nd December or popped through the door of the Rectory, thank you.

With every love and blessing,
Your parish priest, Zoe

Revd. Zoe Ferguson (Priest in Charge Mundford Group Benefice & Assistant Priest to Hilborough & Oxborough groups) Day off Monday.

(For Wedding, Baptism & Church enquires 01842 879375 or email)

Reflections from Mundford Rectory Nov’17

Where love is there God is

Dear friends,

I wanted to say and enormous thank you to you all for sponsoring me for my Skydive on 30th September, to raise money for a hoped, and planned for extension to be built onto St Leonard’s Church, Mundford. Where we hope to create a small meeting room, kitchen and toilet facilities, for all of the community to enjoy and share.

This was an enormous challenge to me personally, being someone who is petrified of heights and roller coasters, but turned out to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life, jumping for a very good cause.

To date, we have raised in the sum of £2,500, and donations are still coming in and extremely gratefully received, and can be sent to The Rectory, St Leonards Street, Mundford, IP26 5DW, cheques made payable to Mundford PCC please.

A special thank you goes to Mundford Church of England Primary Academy, to the PTA of the school and the many parents and grandparents, children and teachers who raised money at the school and supported me so warmly. I was extremely moved to receive your sponsorship.

So would I do it again?  Most definitely Yes!!!

The photo above was literally following the moment my feet reached Terra Firma again, you can see the elation on my face!!

But I couldn’t have done it without the wonderful and professional care of UK parachuting and my instructor Ritch for keeping me safe.

So what’s next…. Well…watch this space…haha!!!

With every love and blessing,
Your skydiving parish priest, Zoe

Revd. Zoe Ferguson (Priest in Charge Mundford Group Benefice & Assistant Priest to Hilborough & Oxborough groups) Day off Monday.

(For Wedding, Baptism & Church enquires 01842 879375 or email)