Annual Meeting 2014 Report

Annual Parish Meeting held on 3rd April 2014 Chairman’s report

In the last twelve months we have continued to be proactive in many ways:

  • The bus service to Swaffham has continued to be subsidised by the council, to help with the needs of residents.
  • In April, we supplied two coaches for a Stanta trip – the first for many years.
  • In June, a new time capsule was buried at the village green to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
  • We have again, in the last year, improved the village through floral displays.
  • The council continues to support organisations within the village, whilst also donating to outside charities that help Mundford residents.
  • We have started to replace the obsolete streetlights, with LED lanterns.
  • We have put a Christmas tree on the village green for the first time.


The council has kindly been left some land by the late Miss Mary-Ann Turner. This is in the process of becoming new allotments for a few lucky residents.


I will finish with a few thank yous:

  • To Cllr Ann Shepherd, for diligently running the Community Car Scheme for many years. Also to all of the drivers, without whom the scheme would not operate.
  • A big thank you to Sam, our gardener, Neil, our handyman, and Tony, our litter warden. Unfortunately, Sam has had to resign due to work commitments.
  • Many thanks to Margaret Whiting for tending the village green rose bed, also Mr Terry Alderton for tending the area near the Fir Close letterbox.
  • A big thank you to the Friends of the Village for the many litter picks during the year, the annual bulb planting, and all of the other things they do to make our village look so good.
  • Thank you to Cllr Monson and Cllr Steward for attending our council meetings and helping us throughout the year. And not forgetting the Mundford Parish Councillors for your hard work during the year.
  • Lastly, a big thank you to our former Clerk, Fran, and our new Clerk, Pauline, for their dedication and hard work through the year.


Thank you,

Stefan Eyres