Avian Influenza

Unfortunately Avain flu has made an appearance again and some of you will be in the protection and surveillance zones for the outbreak at Snetterton.

If anyone suspects birds that they keep of being unwell or they have died they are to contact DEFRA/APHA  on 03000 201301. No movements of birds and the strictest of biosecurity must be maintained within these zones.

There is a housing order coming into force on the 14th December. This means that all types of captive birds should be housed or contained in areas that prevent wild birds having access to your birds feed and water. If anyone keeps a mixed flock of different species they need to separate them from each other so if you keep ducks and chickens make sure they are penned separately. There is exemptions to the housing order where the welfare of the birds will be compromised by being housed this normally applies to exotic waterfowl and birds such as Emus , but steps should still be taken to reduce contact with wild birds and biosecurity should be in place.

The threat to Human health is extremely low and there is no need for anyone to dispose of their birds. Poultry meat and eggs are all safe to eat.

Everyone in our villages can help reduce the spread of this disease by avoiding walking through areas that have domestic poultry on them and disinfecting their footwear after walking in places that birds frequent particularly waterfowl. If you keep birds in your garden please prevent your other pets from going in your bird areas to reduce disease spread.

How to spot avian influenza (bird flu), what to do if you suspect it, and measures to prevent it.