Chairman’s report, Sep’14

Parish Council meeting – 4th September 2014

Many thanks to the residents who took part in the litter pick during September.

All Parish Councillors were present, as well as our County Councillor, Ian Monson.

The Swaffham bus service was discussed and it was decided to continue the service for a further six months. However, as passenger numbers are low, an increase from £5 to £6 per journey was agreed upon. All Councillors were in favour of this. There will not be a service between Christmas and New Year.

The wording for a plaque has been agreed upon; this will be placed on the allotment site to remember Maryann Turner, who left the land to the Parish Council for the village.

The war memorial should be cleaned and renovated during September.

It was agreed that, this year, we will have a five-metre high Christmas tree on the village green, with blue and white lights. Further ideas will be discussed at the October PC meeting.

This year’s bulb planting day is to be 18th October, meeting at 10am outside the Parish Council office.

It was decided that the Clerk should write a letter to our District Councillor, Ann Steward, asking if she could attend more PC meetings.

During Members’ Matters, overhanging shrubs and trees on footpaths was discussed. Please could residents remember that keeping the paths clear of hedges, overhanging trees and parked cars makes the paths safer for pedestrians?

The meeting closed at 9.27pm

Stefan Eyres

Note: There have recently been some metal thefts from Cranwich Church; could we please ask residents to be vigilant?