Coach Services

Coach Services will be running an additional service on the 40 via Mundford on Mondays to Fridays, as of 3.2.20 (this is subject to agreement from the Traffic Commissioners Office that it can start on that date – If we do not get this, then it will be a March Start).

We have used the funding from the various ceased services to support this and there is a further amendment, which will allow a change at Thetford and onward travel to Bury St Edmunds.

From 3.2.20, a new 0948 pick-up has been added Monday to Friday from Mundford to Kings Lynn, with a new return from Kings Lynn at 1310, allowing a 2hr30 in Kings Lynn. For those that wish to stay in Kings Lynn longer, they can use the existing 16:30 departure from Kings Lynn, back to Mundford.

It may not be known to local people, but the current 0855 from Mundford to Thetford, on the current Coach Services 40 service, is available to concessionary pass holders. This arrives in Thetford at 0910. There is an 1100 departure from Thetford, allowing 1hr50 in Thetford. There is also a return at 1405 to Mundford for those that require more time. As of 3.2.20, the 1405 return will be amended to 1425. This will allow passengers to change at Thetford to Coach Services routes to Bury St Edmunds and will allow around 2hr45 in Bury St Edmunds.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to get these service changes earlier, but I trust this is beneficial to the residents of Mundford and that they will use it. Obviously, there is already an option to Thetford as mentioned above and this can be viewed on the current 40 timetable

For further information about the service and through ticket details, it is best to contact Coach Services on 01842 821509.