Could You Be A Volunteer Police Cadet Leader

We are currently looking for a dynamic individual to assist with Dereham and/or Thetford Cadets.  Some of our cadets are referred to us and have led quite disadvantaged lives.  We are looking to recruit volunteers with a real passion to try to make another’s life better; showing them there are other options rather than crime.  If you joined the police to make the world a better place then this could be for you.  Several of our Cadets have gone on to have careers with the Police, either as staff, Specials and a couple as Police Officers.  This is a real opportunity to change a life.  You may have heard that we take the Cadets away each year for a weekend of walking in Derbyshire, and for many this is their first holiday of their young lives.  The wonder and excitement of young people experiencing something, that many of us take for granted, is very poignant.

We are currently not holding face to face sessions but are hoping this will change, depending on Covid19, for 2021.  For officers and staff this offers a unique opportunity to engage with the young and build on your communication skills, which will also benefit your career development.


What days and times are Cadets Sessions? Thursdays from 1900-2100hrs

Will I have to attend every week? No.  Other leaders will commit to sessions so that you can cover when you are available – there will be an availability rota.

How much time would I need to give up?  If you attend a training session that would be 2hrs per week, but some weeks others will cover, unless you wish to get involved in planning of events

Will there be any training? Yes as a member of staff you will be asked to complete Safeguarding Training to be a leader

Can I go with Cadets to events in the summer? Yes you can discuss options with your Cadet Team leader

If you are interested or want to find out more about Cadets please contact Michele Fallows at who can explain what Cadet Leaders do in more depth.