Good Neighbour Scheme

Good Neighbour Schemes (GNSs) run in various towns and villages in Norfolk.  They are run by local people in their own communities.  These volunteers aim to help those who are vulnerable and most in need in their community, those who maybe don’t have local friends or family, by providing practical help with things such as lifts to appointments or to go shopping, simple DIY tasks, dog walking or just having a cuppa and a chat.

While lots of people do help their neighbours in an informal way, Good Neighbour Schemes are a way of setting up organised helping.  They enable volunteers to offer the type and level of helping that works for them, a method of managing requests and responding in a consistent, planned and safe way.

As part of this project, CAN are able to help support communities to set up Good Neighbour Schemes, providing step-by-step information, advice and support to get going – as well as some financial support to set up the scheme – and ongoing support as part of a GNS network in Norfolk.

Please read this leaflet which provides contact details if you wish to join.