Healthwatch Norfolk COVID-19 Survey

As urgent plans to support Norfolk’s population are rolled out across the county, it is important to understand patients’ reaction to these necessary service adaptations, as well as their receptiveness to information and messages being promoted by Norfolk’s health and care system. 

To facilitate this aim, we have launched a public survey which asks participants broadly about their experience of accessing information, care and support during the COVID-19 outbreak. The survey can be completed by anyone, but also contains specific questions around emergency support for our shielded population and those highlighted as clinically vulnerable.

As responses gather and trends start to emerge, we will report findings back to Norfolk’s ‘Recovery and Resilience Cell’ and will also ensure that partners from NHS trusts and the county’s clinical commissioners are aware of feedback.
We hasten to emphasise that we do not intend to criticize or penalise providers for their responses to dealing with this unprecedented public health emergency. Rather, we are aiming to solicit constructive information from service users that can provide real-time insight into community need, experience and awareness of available support.

In order to accurately represent Norfolk’s population in these challenging times, we are requesting support from our colleagues within the NHS, local authorities and third sector to help us reach as many people as possible by disseminating the survey throughout your networks.

The press release from Healthwatch Norfolk Ltd