Parish Clerk’s Report Oct’13

Anti-social Behaviour and Crime in Mundford

As mentioned in the Chairman’s report, there have been a quite a few incidents of anti-social behaviour in Mundford recently.  Some may think eggs being thrown at windows is kids just having fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but the Council disagree.  People can feel intimidated and scared, and often think they are being targeted.  I have had a meeting with our local PCSO from Thetford and she is aware of the current issues in Mundford, however she made clear that it is important for people to report incidents to the Police on the 101 number as soon as they happen.  This gives them a clear picture on what is happening in the village and may mean we get more Police presence in the village.

The Council are also disappointed to report that there has been a burglary in Swaffham Road recently.  We are fortunate that Mundford has a very low crime rate, and we live in a lovely area, however we cannot afford to be complacent and if anyone sees anything they feel is suspicious please report this to the 101 number.  I personally had my bicycle stolen from outside my house in early October and I reported this to the Police immediately.  They were very thorough, and gave me some good advice for the future.

Community Speedwatch

I am delighted to say that enough volunteers have come forward to allow the Community Speedwatch scheme to go ahead.  At the time of this going to press a meeting has taken place with the volunteers and a PCSO from the Safer Neighbourhood Team at Thetford to discuss the way forward with this project.  A risk assessment will take place on the sites suggested for the speedwatch team and volunteers have been asked to complete security check forms.  We are hopeful that this scheme will begin monitoring traffic speeds in December.  I will ensure regular updates are mentioned in the newsletter.  Thank you to those that have come forward to help, but there is still time to join the group! Please contact me at the below number if you are interested.


The Mundford Parish Council Website is regularly being updated and the Council would love you to have a look! There is plenty of interesting information on there for you to read and photos to look at, as well as Parish Council news and events in the village.  Mundford resident Carol Lewis was a winner of our Pride of Mundford award in October and a photo of this plus previous winners are on the website.  There are new photos of the village on the site and we are currently working on updating the home page.  If you have any suggestions for the website or would like to add anything then please contact me and I will forward this to the Council.