Radio Norfolk Treasure Quest

On Sunday 4th August 2013, Mundford was chosen to be a location for one of the clues on Radio Norfolk’s Treasure Quest programme.  The Parish Council were very keen to help Radio Norfolk with their task, and were told to not give the presenter any direct help when they come to find the clue and they have to find it by solving the previous clue with the help from listeners.  The Council were also told to avoid telling too many people about the event in advance as they wanted to keep things as secret as possible!

Their presenter Julie Reinger came to Mundford quite late on in the programme due to previous difficulty with other clues, but thankfully quickly found the clue which was placed on the Jubilee Flower Bed.  Unfortunately she did not have time to speak with anyone from the Council so Radio Norfolk called back after the end of the programme to speak with Evelyn Goad a long term resident of the village who was instrumental in the Jubilee Flower Bed project.

Below are photos of the visit from Radio Norfolk, plus two radio clips from the day.

Radio clip of Julie’s progress to Mundford (3m 56s) listen

Radio clip of Evelyn talking about the Jubilee flower bed (3m 02s) listen