Reporting flooding/works affecting protected species

Drainage – reporting concerns
Overflows/statutory nuisances caused by drains/cesspools/septic tanks: Please notify Breckland Council at Please provide as much information as possible; there is also the facility to upload any supporting documents/photos. Alternatively, contact the council on 01362 656870
Issues relating to publicly owned drainage sewers: Please notify
Issues relating to ditches/non-emergency flooding issues: Please contact Norfolk County Council Floods at
Flooding – reporting incidences
***If the flooding is life-threatening, contact the emergency services and report the issue to Norfolk County Council at a later date***
Report a flood at: It is important that evidence is provided, such as photos or an insurance claim, to confirm that the property has been flooded internally. You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire and supply information about the incident, for example when it occurred, how the water entered the property, where the water came from (green space, road, toilet etc.).  If you do not have access to the internet, a paper copy can be posted to you – in this instance please call 0344 800 8020
Wildlife – reporting sights of protected species
Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS) Website: Includes information on species, habitats, protected sites, and geodiversity for Norfolk.  Wildlife records can be submitted via this site.  For more information on what constitutes a useable wildlife record, see
Please note: the presence of any wildlife does not preclude development.  If you believe a protected species might be adversely affected by proposed works, please inform your Local Planning Authority.  Guidance on protected species and the planning process can be found at