STANTA Daily Road Closure

The Parish Council has received the following notice from STANTA.

In the interest of good community relations STANTA  wish to inform Mundford Parish Council that they are being forced to close the Mundford to Wretham road, where it enters the training area, between the period 1800hrs (6 pm) to 0600hrs (6 am) each day with effect from 1st September 2015. They have not made this decision lightly but over the past few months there has been a substantial increase in the number of civilian vehicle incursions in to the training area and the risk of an accident, particularly during live firing, has reached unacceptable levels. They know that a few members of each community do see that road as a shortcut and they will undoubtedly be disappointed but STANTA  have a ‘duty of care’ to keep the public safe.